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Deep hole drilling

Our highly qualified employees have decades of professional experience in milling and drilling, CNC machining centers, optimized cutting data and high-grade lubricants. This puts us in a position to offer deep hole drilling in the following scope and quality:

Machining scope:

  • Hole diameter: 6 mm to 32 mm
  • Drilling depth: 2000 mm from one side, enabling through holes of 4000 mm depth with no problem
  • Drilling centered, off-center and at any angular setting
  • Supplementary work, including tapping, reaming and complex roughing and finishing milling to a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.02 mm can be readily carried out in a single clamping

Straightness of drill hole

Drill hole centerline

The best results are achieved with a rotating tool and a simultaneously counter-rotating workpiece with static drilling guide (Z).

Because of different shapes of workpiece, however, and also partly due to machine considerations, work is frequently carried out either with a rotating workpiece (Y) or a rotating tool (X).

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Achievable drilling tolerances

Drill hole quality range